Shrewd [adjective]

Definition of Shrewd:

clever, intelligent

Opposite/Antonyms of Shrewd:

Sentence/Example of Shrewd:

Christine was not over-intelligent, perhaps, but she was shrewd.

One was an elderly savage, with a wrinkled, shrewd countenance.

England had been shrewd enough to guarantee them their domains and revenues.

Some of his sayings were shrewd and sharp; but he was sometimes aggressive.

Oh, shrewd people, Mr Clennam: evidently people of business!

For she was wise and shrewd—of that pure leaven of womankind which leaveneth all the rest.

He did not love his kind, and he was shrewd enough to escape hurt himself.

Every blow was shrewd to hurt; and he delivered a multitude of blows.

He knew her for a clever woman, a shrewd woman, even a daring woman.

Nearly all railroads became in time the foot-balls of shrewd manipulators.