Shrewdly [adverb]

Definition of Shrewdly:


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Sentence/Example of Shrewdly:

"You find the scene strange, Marquis," said the ambassador, glancing at him shrewdly.

They look into him shrewdly, as an old jockey does into a horse.

"Gimme a cigarette 'nd I'll tell you," bargains Tracey shrewdly.

"You men have both been drinking yourselves," she said shrewdly.

All this time his eyes were watching me shrewdly, speculatively.

Kate shot a swift glance into the gray eyes fixed on her so shrewdly.

She shrewdly suspected some "bit of trickery," as she phrased it.

But her poison was shrewdly administered, and slowly did its work.

Sir John leapt into the breach which Youldon had so shrewdly made in her defences.

Larkin leaned forward on his horse, and looked at him shrewdly.