Shrewish [adjective]

Definition of Shrewish:


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Sentence/Example of Shrewish:

But that same reseit, iff your Honner so please, to cure a shrewish wife.

Do they not sometimes get called waspish and shrewish by virtue of their very chastity?

Look at her—isn't it awfully good—just like a shrewish woman.

A lackey—That is Jeppe on the Hill, who has the shrewish wife.

He gets the hottest tea and the nicest morsels from the shrewish woman.

Puppet to a father's threat and servile to a mother's shrewish tongue.

Even the forewoman, who was thin-lipped and shrewish, seemed a little afraid of her.

Show her the curse of a shrewish temper, and the blessing of cheerfulness.

Just now, a coating of lather covered his shrewish underjaw.

An Adela would certainly have berated him in her shrewish, thin tones.