Shrieking [adjective]

Definition of Shrieking:


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Sentence/Example of Shrieking:

She fell to the floor in helpless, shrieking laughter when he came.

Shrieking and crashing, the vulture-forces of destruction sweep upon it.

Shrieking, I hurled free of him, and rolled over the tail-board on to the stubble.

His suffering limbs were, so to speak, shrieking for mercy but he would not give it to them.

At the next moment the dog had leaped upon the man, and he was shrieking on the ground.

He rolled from beneath the table, a shrieking, kicking, snapping cyclone.

His voice, growing louder and louder, ended in a shrieking crescendo.

And the next instant the children were shrieking in quite a different tone.

She fought with might and main, shrieking with all the power of her lungs.

Ogden was at his side, pounding him upon the shoulder and shrieking in his ear.