Shrill [adjective]

Definition of Shrill:

high-pitched, harsh in sound

Synonyms of Shrill:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shrill:







Sentence/Example of Shrill:

There was a sharp, shrill cry from the boy, and Dozier whirled on him.

But the new voice was stilled into nothingness by the shrill, reawakening falsetto.

So saying, he put his fingers to his lips and blew a shrill whistle.

Camille gave a shrill laugh, so funny did the idea appear to her.

Wat's voice was shrill in the land, yelling, exhorting, screaming.

There was another shriek, and another, and then a shrill voice cried, 'Is Simmun below!'

As they passed the front of the hotel, they heard a shrill peal of laughter.

From a table only a few feet off came the shrill tinkle of a telephone bell.

A shriek so keen and shrill that it seemed to tear out his nerves by their roots.

There had been shrill cries, a babel of voices, a noise of kisses.