Shrinks [verb]

Definition of Shrinks:

become smaller

Synonyms of Shrinks:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shrinks:

Sentence/Example of Shrinks:

And yet, though I shrink from the idea of fighting, I might in some way help those who are.

Why shrink from us, then, as though we were the spawn of the Evil One?

It then begins to shrink and contract with the greatest uniformity.

She was not conscious—how could she be and not shrink from my caress?

But yet opening it again, seeing me shrink back—Go, if you will!

If you put the syrup hot to the ginger at first, it will shrink and shrivel.

Already a mood of much daylight was making him blink and shrink.

But the words made him shrink, and then sent a soft warmth through him.

He was conscious of no wrong, and he did not shrink as though he had committed one.

"You have no need to be surprised that I shrink from seeing Margaret Wilmot," he said.