Shriveled [verb]

Definition of Shriveled:

dehydrate, dry up

Synonyms of Shriveled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shriveled:

Sentence/Example of Shriveled:

She half-rose, her head thrust forward on her shriveled neck.

The shriveled leaves were blown from the trees by the fierce gusts.

I am sure you have seen the corn blades all shriveled on very hot days.

And I saw too that underneath, toward the back, was a shriveled body.

Out of the shadows an old woman, bent and shriveled, leaned toward us.

Man is the only product of this prolific land which seems stunted and shriveled.

But when he touched the apples they shriveled under his hands.

If a look could have withered him Seth would have shriveled to bare bones.

His skin was very dark, and shriveled and wrinkled like the skin of a dried apple.

His face seemed to have shriveled or melted; his features had grown smaller.