Shriveling [verb]

Definition of Shriveling:

dehydrate, dry up

Synonyms of Shriveling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shriveling:

Sentence/Example of Shriveling:

If you put the syrup hot to the ginger at first, it will shrink and shrivel.

"Shrivel the falsehood" from us if we say we love Thee but obey Thee not!

I was commencin' to feel the shrivel, so it's California for Phoebe and me.

Draughts, however, should be avoided or stems and berries will shrivel.

The thrift of New England did often shrivel into penuriousness.

The woman seemed to sink, to shrivel, under the weight of her recollection.

Sparrows and Mice grow dry and shrivel, unused, upon the gallows.

From thence they began to shrivel away with a terrifying rapidity.

Otherwise they will shrivel and dry before the birds are cooked.

When set up and dried they shrivel, and are seldom modelled nicely.