Shrivels [verb]

Definition of Shrivels:

dehydrate, dry up

Synonyms of Shrivels:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shrivels:

Sentence/Example of Shrivels:

Unfortunately the fruit is susceptible to black-rot and shrivels after ripening.

They will sit so long holding an arm in one position that it shrivels.

But when he culls a flower, it shrivels in his hand, as Mphistophls had predicted.

When one faces Eternity all else shrivels to insignificance.

The air becomes so dry that it parches and then shrivels the green leaves.

I can only compare him to a tree that's been attacked at the roots and shrivels and dries in a season.

His heart does not bleed, it shrivels, and my heart bled from every vein.

They are fit only to roll cigarettes in the shade until the sun strikes and shrivels them up.

The wretched starveling dwindles, shrivels up and soon disappears from view.

Space bows before such a man, and shrivels itself up into a mere nothing.