Shrubberies [noun]

Definition of Shrubberies:


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Sentence/Example of Shrubberies:

She had to go on tiptoe through the shrubbery and out through the church yard.

Oh, how stately the hollyhocks towered on the borders of the shrubbery!

The moon was low in the west and a little breeze was now stirring the shrubbery.

He led me across the lawn to the seat in the shrubbery that almost faced my windows.

"Excellent," said Trenchard, and led the way through the shrubbery to the orchard.

The shrubbery has now been cleared away so as to render them distinctly visible.

He rushed outside and examined the shrubbery around the Cabin.

A servant appeared from among the shrubbery and paused before Dirk.

It was common for all of us to cross through the lawns; I hid in the shrubbery.

One or two others sat on benches among the shrubbery, reading.