Shrunk [verb]

Definition of Shrunk:

become smaller

Synonyms of Shrunk:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shrunk:

Sentence/Example of Shrunk:

Tories and Liberals knew he had not shrunk from meeting the public on this question.

She shrank, as many a woman has shrunk before, from confronting him with his lie.

Miss Dorcas, too, had heard it, and shrunk from its undisguised profanity.

They had shrunk past homeless people, lying coiled up in nooks.

Of course the town had shrunk fearfully, since I was a child there.

Ormond at first shrunk at the sight of their peril and narrow escapes.

Jonas shrunk from looking at him, and cowered down into the chair by which he had held.

As he made an angry motion with his hand, she shrunk down hastily.

From this problem she had most shrunk and into this she now entered: She sacrificed herself in him!

Then he examined the felloes which had shrunk in the summer heat.