Shucks [verb]

Definition of Shucks:

remove outer layer

Synonyms of Shucks:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shucks:


Sentence/Example of Shucks:

She has got a brother, but he don't amount to shucks—he ain't much more'n a three-spot.

"Fine as silk," replied the sergeant from his own heap of shucks.

Then he looked at the pump and he gave it a whack and he kicked at the spout and said "Shucks!"

Why, he wouldn't amount to shucks here, even if he stayed a year.

Shucks, sonny, no need to get this excited over a little spilt milk.

They yelled and we yelled back that they could not shoot worth "shucks."

I'll give you this straight: if I can't be corn, I won't be shucks.

But shucks, as for that, we can turn tricks on the way for money.

"Shucks, he hain't yo' kind," Dale said in a tone of deep disgust.

“Shucks,” said Fred, who was down on his knees poking at something.