Shudder [verb]

Definition of Shudder:

shake, quiver

Synonyms of Shudder:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shudder:


Sentence/Example of Shudder:

So it is almost with a shudder I take my last look at the Stones of Carnac.

There are ghosts whom I tremble to meet, and cannot think of without a shudder.

The sinister association of ideas made Mary shudder, but she said no more.

I used to like him when I was a child; now I shudder at his name.

Do you not look on the past with a shudder at the precipice on which you stood?

She loved the river with its reflected lights,—but it made her shudder, too.

The figures struck Pierre with a force which made him shudder.

And then the shudder born of the thought of death returned to him.

Oh, don't talk like that, it makes me shudder; it is horrible!

She did not squeal nor shudder, but sat regarding it with gentle pride.