Shuffled [verb]

Definition of Shuffled:

move along lazily

Synonyms of Shuffled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shuffled:

Sentence/Example of Shuffled:

As he finished speaking Mike Gaynor shuffled moodily up to them.

Fate has cut and shuffled the cards for you; the game is yours, unless you revoke.

But Hines, the new clerk, shuffled forward eagerly to wait on her.

Gervaise now shuffled along in her slippers, without caring a rap for anyone.

He shuffled and coloured, but I walked on and saw him no more.

He threw up his hands in ineffable scorn, and shuffled away into the house.

He shuffled and hitched around, and finally he says: "I'll—Ill consider your offer," he says.

The papers rustled in the Baron's fingers as he shuffled and sorted them.

Without speaking, Mr. Bonnithorne shuffled back into his seat.

He returned to it, and shuffled with the papers to put them back in their place.