Shuffling [verb]

Definition of Shuffling:

move along lazily

Synonyms of Shuffling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shuffling:

Sentence/Example of Shuffling:

There was a shuffling in the state-room, followed by a silence.

There were the usual noises of shuffling and disarrangement and talking and exits.

His clothes are shabby and neglected; he walks with a shuffling, tired movement.

He had taken up his palette and was shuffling about in front of his picture.

"No, be quick about it," said Mme Lerat, shuffling the cards.

Sorko scrambling to his feet, shuffling to the table, where he retrieved his bowl.

Somebody was ascending the stair with the shuffling gait of one feeling his way.

There were the shuffling of many feet on the hard snow and the sharp crack of voices.

He had been shuffling restlessly on the pavement before her.

Only my husband was shuffling in his seat, and the Bishop was plucking at his gold chain.