Shunning [verb]

Definition of Shunning:

avoid, ignore

Opposite/Antonyms of Shunning:

Sentence/Example of Shunning:

His food quest must be limited by shunning poisonous plants.

So far from courting this, however, they seemed desirous of shunning it.

I began to see, or thought I did, why Hope had shied at my offer and was now shunning me.

He instinctively went home, shunning the conflict; the others could not.

Nor does he any longer seem desirous of shunning observation.

In shunning this danger, other parents pass to the opposite extreme.

So far from shunning, he seldom fails to attack and even to hunt him.

Yet, as if shunning the glare of day, he closed his eyes to the light.

Nay, she is to be applauded for shunning scenes so fatal to true morality!

You have acted wisely in shunning the press and bustle, Miss Moore.