Shuns [verb]

Definition of Shuns:

avoid, ignore

Opposite/Antonyms of Shuns:

Sentence/Example of Shuns:

She lurked in the depths of the house like some kind of spider that shuns attention.

Yet he rarely goes to those who call him; he shuns people and does not care to speak with them.

They are seeking an adversary who shuns open conflict and wounds from afar.

Rather, shuns he the thought, as though fearing the All-Merciful might not be with him.

Sir, on my return, be not the only Savile who shuns our table of Warwick Court.

Till now she had shunned the library as one shuns the spot where one has suffered most.

The best way to escape death is to have no fear of death, for then Osiris shuns us.

Like thousands of others, he shuns that which might lead him into the path of truth and right.

But it is now more than a year since I have had a chance of speaking with her, she shuns me.

He shuns the Italian items on the bill of fare and orders only exotics.