Shunted [verb]

Definition of Shunted:

thwart; avoid by turning away

Synonyms of Shunted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shunted:






Sentence/Example of Shunted:

Its function is to shunt the lift out of the gas, and this it will do without watching.

Look at that meter—and I've had to throw in number ten shunt!

All right,” he answered, endeavoring to look unconcerned, “shunt us off.

It would be cowardly to shunt this wretched task off on somebody else.

Clear the fishing fleet and shunt the Florence to the rocks with the wind and current.

Well, we can shunt Mr. Hiltze off 273 a little, if you wish.

But it was not her habit to spare herself, or to shunt her duties.

In fact, a voltmeter is an ammeter which has had its shunt removed or disconnected.

Should the shunt box be required, it has to be connected with terminals II.

The resistance of the shunt required depends on the resistance of the lamp.