Shuttered [verb]

Definition of Shuttered:

hide, protect

Synonyms of Shuttered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shuttered:

Sentence/Example of Shuttered:

There were doors, but they were shut tight; there were windows, but they were shuttered.

The door was closed, and the windows of the ground floor were shuttered.

The windows, that now were shuttered, rattled to gowsty airs, and the rain drummed on.

The shuttered window was closed against the dim daylight outside.

The windows are all shuttered, the door is locked and bolted.

The windows were closed and shuttered as Amy never had seen them.

Why were the windows of the house of the alférez not only without lanterns, but shuttered?

The garden door was not shuttered, not even locked—it must have been forgotten overnight.

He walked round the house and found it shuttered, dark and silent.

The windows were closed and shuttered, and when she entered a chill air met her.