Shutting [verb]

Definition of Shutting:


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Sentence/Example of Shutting:

"To the devil with your tricks," said John, opening and shutting his great red hands.

Even after the shutting of the door behind the prisoner, the pause endured for some moments.

From the gate the wall bent around the edge of the hilltop, shutting it in.

Mary rose and stepped out to meet her, shutting the door as she went.

"Yes, it is," said Letty breathlessly, thrusting it in and shutting the bag.

Perhaps he was going to make arrangements for shutting her up there!

Lena nodded and went out, shutting the door with a defiant swing.

Quickly she closed the door of the little library, shutting me in with the books.

"I mean what I mean," she retorted, shutting her lips upon it in a definite way she has.

The girl nodded, and the door moved into its place, shutting out the wind.