Shysters [noun]

Definition of Shysters:

unscrupulous lawyer; swindler

Synonyms of Shysters:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shysters:


Sentence/Example of Shysters:

Shyster is very probably German also; Thornton has traced it back to the 50's.

A lawyer, doing a thing of this character, is denominated a 518 shyster.

He performs religious duties on Sunday and is a shyster on Monday.

"I guess he's a shyster by nature, that fellow," interposed Jowett.

To make an application of all this, let us not be too hard on the quack and the shyster.

Did you ever know a shyster to pad his library with Congressional reports?

The other was made out to a shyster lawyer and was for fifteen thousand.

He is as weak as water,—an ignorant, Godless shyster from the backwoods of Illinois.

Unfortunately, the lawyer he trusted was a shyster of the worst sort.

The shyster played square and seemed so honest that they intrusted him with a check on a bank in Quebec.