Sibilance [noun]

Definition of Sibilance:

buzzing sound; jeer

Synonyms of Sibilance:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sibilance:


Sentence/Example of Sibilance:

Her clan took the word up, and for a time the sibilance of it was like a hiss in the room.

So now he puckered his lips to the sibilance of a canoe-song, and waited.

He nodded without looking at me, and with some sibilance of excuse, read the message.

She sighed, and the sibilance of it echoed with a strange lingering note between those high gray walls.

It was a gentle sound, but with a sibilance that held a threat of danger—like the hiss of a gigantic serpent.

There was not that sibilance and thunder that had turned me a bit gray inside at first sight of the Eagle.

Then the breaking of a twig and the sibilance of whispering voices—two of them—perhaps more.

His voice, its guttural note alternating with a sibilance on certain words, betrayed no traces of agitation.