Sibilant [noun]

Definition of Sibilant:

sound unit of speech

Synonyms of Sibilant:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sibilant:


Sentence/Example of Sibilant:

"We have awaited your coming," she said in her sibilant voice.

Two letters, S and O, a sibilant and a vowel, of which no further explanation can be given.

When they spoke Universal, their voices were sibilant, but not nearly so inhuman.

It seemed as if that low, stealthy, sibilant whispering was going on forever.

A sibilant sound from the detective's lips took me to his side.

The name, also sibilant and thus easier to hear, was 'Esens'.

She spoke French with the soft, sibilant intonation of the Spaniard.

The guard had paused, and from his lips came a sibilant sound.

In this name the accent falls upon the e; the s is sibilant.

A sound came from the direction not unlike that of a sibilant wind.