Sic [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Sic:

You'll have to sic some other poor devil on this glittering proposition of yours.

Sic semper tyrannis, does not mean "Tyrants are always sick."

I point to dem sojers an say, "Sic him, General Lee, sic him."

It wad be fair sinfu' no' ta tak a drop at sic a time as this.

Else there wadna hae been sic a sad welcome for her bonnie bairn.

The number of inhabitants were (sic) not more than four millions.

Na, na, Leeby; dinna let me ever think o' sic a thing this month.

"It'll be a warnin' to ye, Sam'l, no to be in sic a hurry i' the futur," said Sanders.

“Sic itur—ad Astra,” she said demurely, and offered him her hand.

He holds a lamb in his arms, and carries the legend, Sic Genius.