Sickened [verb]

Definition of Sickened:

revolt, make ill

Synonyms of Sickened:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sickened:

Sentence/Example of Sickened:

The daughter looked at me again, and sickened me with her unmeaning laughter.

I was oppressed, grieved, sickened, at the sad presentation of humanity.

There was a juiciness about the deed that might have sickened a scavenger.

I sickened at the sight of myself: how should I ever get rid of the demon?

My brother recovered at the period when I sickened from the infection of his disease.

Apprehensively I turned, and sickened to see that that which I had dreaded most was come to pass.

I can not describe to you how shocked, how sickened, how disgusted I became.

The thought of going back to a pittance a year sickened him.

Some sickened and turned away, but the bulk remained gloating.

Sickened and disgusted with the fickleness of mankind, I knew not where to turn.