Sickness [noun]

Definition of Sickness:

ill or abnormal condition

Synonyms of Sickness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sickness:

Sentence/Example of Sickness:

Our sickness (sin) is revealed to us by the Ten Commandments.

But there was sickness in the mountains and Waba-mooin said that it also was my fault.

Their sickness was the hand of God, but Benny just ain't had enough to eat.

I saw off men's legs, or I help them through a spell of sickness.

For this end he is fed, clothed, and prescribed for in sickness.

"I've got sickness here," she would say, standing in the doorway confronting them.

I could have pronounced him, alone, to be a young man aged by famine and sickness.

His children are shadows—their life a dance, a sickness, a corruption.

Why must I resign the sweetly-painful task of soothing you in the hour of sickness?

They remembered only the latest, which was his weakness and sickness.