Sideboard [noun]

Definition of Sideboard:

furniture piece

Synonyms of Sideboard:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sideboard:


Sentence/Example of Sideboard:

You took no drink; the sideboard stands open; my fruit has disappeared.

Bishop then came undesignedly sidling in the direction of the sideboard.

Whisky and soda, wine and sandwiches were upon the sideboard.

Louise strolled to the sideboard and helped herself to a sandwich.

She helped herself to soda water from a siphon on the sideboard.

Ninian went to the sideboard and took hold of the whisky bottle.

You had better pass the bread—yes, there, behind you on the sideboard.

Honore rose, and going to the sideboard brought back a pitcher of water.

Margaret went to the sideboard and helped herself to one of the breakfast dishes.

He took the candle from her, and set it down on the sideboard by which she stood.