Sidereal [adjective]

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And that one should consider the sidereal system and the maxims of Epictetus and be comforted.

These sidereal time-keepers mark the centuries and eras of other worlds for you.

So the constitution of the sidereal universe is just like that of the bodies which we call material.

Not only nebul are probably unstable, but also many of the sidereal systems.

See, for example, the January number, 1876: Sidereal Astronomy.

It is more than Napoleonic; it is continental, interplanetary, sidereal!

But because that has gone from the sidereal chart, it does not follow that there is no such place.

His acts of faith shone like the Jacinth of heaven, the color of sidereal fires.

The instrument was turned in answer to these questions to the sidereal heavens.

The diurnal rotation of the earth cannot stand in the same astronomical system with the diurnal rotation of the sidereal sphere.