Sides [noun]

Definition of Sides:

edge, exteriority of object

Synonyms of Sides:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sides:

Sentence/Example of Sides:

The sides of this hill he covered with a layer of bricks that the sand might not be blown away.

It is now a mere platform, with the walls running up on two sides only.

Then wipe the meat carefully and brown it on all sides in the fat.

All his other women are parts of her or reflections of her, as all his heroes are sides of Hamlet, or reflections of him.

All the houses were of two stories, of which the upper was open on the sides, and used for sleeping.

At sides masonry with recesses; in the R. centre a great doorway.

The tribesmen poured into the bazaar and attacked the serai on all sides.

The bullets of the enemy made "watery flashes" on all sides.

Then they set fire to it on all sides, laughing and shouting: 'Burn, burn, daughter of the Didi!'

For the first time in days I was thoroughly toasted on all sides at once.