Sidestepped [verb]

Definition of Sidestepped:


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Take on



Sentence/Example of Sidestepped:

Dick sidestepped and drove in a blow against Ben's left eye.

He had sidestepped her little trap, but she did not give up.

Johnny sidestepped, and, leaping off his toes, tapped him on the ear.

Stacy squared off, and swinging his arms he advanced, sidestepped and ducked.

They'll know when they've sidestepped the shivers as often as we have.

He broke away from the clinch and sidestepped the bull-like rush of his foe, covering up as well as he could from the onset.

Hal sidestepped neatly, and the huge fist passed by harmlessly.

Our only successes have been when we sidestepped diplomacy entirely and talked to people.

De Vaudrey sidestepped and as he did so 32 plunged his rapier between the ribs of the owner of Bel-Air.

He sidestepped, swung his shotgun up in one hand—he had kept it handy for the close fighting—and blew the carrier's spine in half.