Sidestepping [verb]

Definition of Sidestepping:


Synonyms of Sidestepping:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sidestepping:

Take on



Sentence/Example of Sidestepping:

There is no question of sidestepping the difficulty: it must be surmounted.

To question the nobility of the Hazlitt soul would be a sidestepping.

Norton taunted him, his blood running hot with the fierce wish to have done with sidestepping and procrastination.

Their coolness and dexterity in sidestepping the mad rushes of the bull are wonderful.

It was much more reassuring than to stand poised in a narrow trail with no possibility of sidestepping a charge.

Sidestepping to avoid one of his rushes, Blaine brought up a terrible uppercut that ended flush upon the Llott's jaw.

Sidestepping him, Jerry pulled several bonds of large denomination from the envelope.

Then, with a bellow, he rushed upon Roy, who contented himself by sidestepping the furious onslaught.