Sidesteps [verb]

Definition of Sidesteps:


Synonyms of Sidesteps:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sidesteps:

Take on



Sentence/Example of Sidesteps:

It took us all night to sidestep that outrage, but we did it.

He saw that Cheever was quicker than he at the feint and the sidestep.

When a man has anything somebody gets it before he can sidestep.

Maybe he could sidestep the lessons before she pinned him down.

Cautiously, prepared for a lunge or a sidestep, Kazan advanced a little.

And isn't it time for us to pull up short lest we sidestep the goal?

Suppose they buck and pitch and sidestep and bawl and carry on?

Am I to dance around here and sidestep and fence just for you to look on?

The fact of the matter is that most individuals from any and every walk of life prefer to sidestep responsibility.

Your king of Kusiak has to learn some time that everybody isn't going to sidestep him and pussyfoot when he's around.