Sidled [verb]

Definition of Sidled:


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Sentence/Example of Sidled:

"Well, to-morrow I—" Cyrus got up and sidled towards the door.

He dropped the tripod thing in a corner, and sidled toward me.

The big constable, very hot and penitent, sidled into the room.

They sidled through it, fearful that the squeaking might betray them.

Inch by inch he sidled along the wall, fighting all the while until he reached the corner.

When Pépe would have sidled away, Melchardo bade him keep close.

If he come around where any of the men was, they split up and sidled away.

Lena sidled up to me and said teasingly, 'What made you so solemn?

The princess nodded to her daughter and sidled out of the room.

We had met before, so she sidled up to me and inquired how I was and what's doing.