Sidles [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Sidles:

"You'll admit it is a tradition," said Saulisbury, glad of a chance to sidle away.

In the midst of her satisfaction she continued to sidle, and at last the cause was disclosed.

Fillmore heaved a sigh of relief and began to sidle from the room.

Let us take notice too, of what lies side by sidle quietly in our own souls.

Then Bess will sidle around me thinking she can get into the Sans.

Any trail that goes otherwhere must dip and cross, sidle and take chances.

Off the Battery, they sidle to us in coy appeal, but we carry bare steerageway.

Then one, and then another, and then all of them, began to sidle awkwardly away.

Well, very shortly I shall have to sidle up to Tom and break the news to him.

"I couldn't say," he replied, beginning to sidle round the bench.