Sifting [verb]

Definition of Sifting:

take out residue; remove impurities

Synonyms of Sifting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sifting:

Sentence/Example of Sifting:

Do not our household servants talk of sifting, straining, winnowing?

The bone was formed by sifting pure smooth earth and wetting it with marrow.

The snow was sifting over the tundra in icy gusts from the westward.

Once again the great lone land was sifting out and choosing its own.

The occasion was crucial; the effect was that of sifting and separation.

This set him on the work of collecting and sifting the Traditions.

The reduction may have afforded the means of sifting out the ringleaders.

When, therefore, you would dilate on the honor of the martyrs, what use is there in sifting them?

Already a gray light was sifting into the hollow of the sky.

Fine snow was sifting into the old camp at all the cracks and crevices.