Sighed [verb]

Definition of Sighed:

breathe out heavily

Synonyms of Sighed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sighed:

Sentence/Example of Sighed:

“Nay, he is safe at home, where I would I were,” sighed Kit.

Andy sighed at the thought of stealing through the great halls within.

Andrew, looking from the dull glimmer of his fire to that dead waste, sighed.

And they submitted to this without a murmur; but all sighed for salt!

Resting his head upon his hands, he looked upon them and sighed.

The girl watched him out of sight and sighed disconsolately.

Assured that it was only a wife that Timmins lacked, he sighed relief.

Mrs. Wade sighed as she remembered how everyone had flocked around Norah.

Belinda sighed; and for some moments there was a dead silence.

"It comes too late," sighed Caleb, heavily; and the letter fell from his hands.