Sighted [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Sighted:

We sighted the range and hill seen by my brother, and reached it at sundown.

In a minute his excited yapping; told that he had sighted his game and was in full chase.

The submersible was sighted on July 1, 1915, by a French aeroplane.

Finally, only a lifetime or two after he hoped to see it, he sighted the ship again.

Shortly after this he sighted a grove with a thick undergrowth.

He had insisted that morning that the uhlans that they sighted were some of Bazaine's troops.

At nightfall Coqueville sighted a ship in distress driven by the wind.

Where Madame Butterfly hears that Pinkerton's ship has been sighted.

The foremost animals had been charging a sighted human enemy.

All days, Christmas or any other, are alike to Sol when there's a dollar to be sighted with a spyglass.