Sights [noun]

Definition of Sights:

ability to perceive with eyes

Synonyms of Sights:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sights:

Sentence/Example of Sights:

A glance at the intervening ground, another through his sights.

And finds sights of faults with things wherever she is, sights of it.

And a wholesome corrective is the Sunday service after the sights of Lourdes.

The author was evidently amazed at all the sights which he witnessed in the monastery.

At first he had prepared, thinking to please me, some visits to the sights of the towns.

But there were other sights in Portsmouth besides the red-coats and their Governor.

But sights and sounds and smells were different from those he had last had when he fled away from it.

He could scarcely see it—he was seeing other sights of another world.

I am writing in the midst of the sights and the sounds of life.

All the lovers of sights have a delight in learning, and must therefore be included.