Sightseers [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Sightseers:

But better than palaces are the picture-galleries, three of which are open to the sightseer.

In Tucumn itself, there is nothing of interest for the sightseer.

Even in the places most frequented by the sightseer they do not abound in any profusion.

But taken as a whole, for the sightseer Madrid is just a weariness of the spirit.

It was at its worst as a sight, and I at mine as a sightseer.

Over the way a man was sauntering, for all the world like a sightseer from out of town.

But really, in her coming she was not simply a visitor and sightseer; she intended to stay and share in the husband.

St. Sophia ought no longer to be a mere lounge for the sightseer or a spectacle for the lover of the picturesque.

All the books upon this subject are more or less technical and are intended rather for the student than the sightseer.

Those interested in the latter will find here (even more than at Rheims) what an added inducement they provide for the sightseer.