Signaled [verb]

Definition of Signaled:

indicate; give a sign to

Synonyms of Signaled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Signaled:


Sentence/Example of Signaled:

He signaled to Cynthia with his eyes for help in this argument.

Then he signaled, and a great shout came to the waiting group.

Bentley would have spoken to reassure them, but Tyler signaled him to keep silent.

Stubbs signaled him to let him try the shot, but Wilson would not trust him.

You have signaled the men on shore to send out a boat to take us off?

They had never seen the man before, but when he signaled them.

He signaled John to stop when they had reached a height of a few hundred feet.

She signaled the latter with three long and three short toots of the horn.

He carried a high chair from another table and signaled a waiter.

Never doubting these were his own ships, Iberville signaled.