Signaling [verb]

Definition of Signaling:

indicate; give a sign to

Synonyms of Signaling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Signaling:


Sentence/Example of Signaling:

The lower light, doubtless, is signaling information about us to the higher.

She must also be able to communicate and receive messages by signaling.

It's the only thing up there in the sky that answers the sun's signaling.

Her guard was signaling that the time allotted for her visit was over.

They had fired a gun; they were signaling to him—Clarence—like a grown-up man.

Carr was firm, but he looked at Mado beseechingly, signaling for his support.

"They are to be used in signaling the gunboat," Ned replied.

Their friends on board had seen them and were signaling for them to come aboard.

"With which you have been signaling to the rebels," declared Lloyd roughly.

Somewhere yonder, high against the sky, they were signaling with torches.