Signalled [verb]

Definition of Signalled:

indicate; give a sign to

Synonyms of Signalled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Signalled:


Sentence/Example of Signalled:

The Patriarch insisted on his staying to dinner, and Flora signalled 'Yes!'

They tugged at their gold-braided jackets and signalled the honor guard.

When this was done, he signalled to Brother Andrew to take off the cassock.

Then he signalled to the mate to fire the culverin of which he had charge.

"If you go you will make me nervous—and the recital is sold out," he signalled.

He stood there a moment, his hat off, and signalled the chauffeur.

Some men with glasses on the bluff have sighted her, and signalled to those below!

I wired for her a week ago to Australia The boat was signalled two hours since.

After she signalled Cochise you went and got bit by the Gila monster and saved her life.

And then I went out of that room, and signalled that I was ready to go up.