Signals [noun]

Definition of Signals:

indication; authorization

Synonyms of Signals:

Opposite/Antonyms of Signals:

Sentence/Example of Signals:

Signals were exchanged, and our ship, which was then well off the land, ran in and spoke the Sully.

The signals were the short and long, or 'dots' and 'dashes' of the Morse code.

I've been a true consort to my Phoebe since she agreed to look to me for signals.

In the fields and woods, meanwhile, there were other signs and signals of the summer.

He tried to read the signals, but they were in code, or in the Mercutian tongue, which was just as bad.

We love to run past the signals, in our railroading and in our thinking.

You have come here, I brought you with my signals for help—brought you to your death.

Their radio has prepared us; our signals have guided them home.

From here the signals are sent that give notice of arriving ships.

The air was shocked by fulminate blasts—the signals of the careless Scheff.