Signatory [noun]

Definition of Signatory:

notary public

Synonyms of Signatory:

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Sentence/Example of Signatory:

All of which, in due course of time and in accordance with the signatory's wishes, was done.

Turkey was one of the signatory powers to the Red Cross Treaty.

Let us see what the interests of the two signatory powers were at that time in Central America.

The signatory generals prayed the Emperor Maximilian to consider this, and “to do it quick.”

By the treaty of Berlin, 13th of July 1878, a like engagement to the six signatory powers was substituted for that to Russia.

The United States is a signatory of the first convention only, and this will be promptly submitted to the Senate.

I am not advised that similar action has been taken by any other of the signatory governments.

This, however, merely signified that the signatory Powers would resist encroachments on the territorial integrity of Turkey.

These provisions are recognized by the signatory Powers, as henceforth forming part of public international law.

Indeed, suppose the signatory of a contract freely made does not wish to fulfil his duty?