Signed [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Signed:

Why, this here despatch is signed by young Toler—that's his confidential man.

And before you got off the beams, Andrew, the governor of this State will have signed a pardon for you.

She signed to the Seven, and they came huddling to her like quail; she put them behind her.

He signed to me to take a broom—to march into the garden—to set to work.

"My letter to you was not signed, I believe," said Vivian, in an altered voice.

They signed some papers, there by the light of the altar candles.

So Betty dictated and he wrote: yes, it had come to this—she dictated and he wrote, and signed too.

Mr. Galloway signed to him to close the door, and then spoke.

Not a king's scholar but answered to his name; and Tom signed the roll for the first time.

The telegram was signed by Homer and by Barrett, the superintendent of police at Rouen.