Significantly [adverb]

Definition of Significantly:

inevitably, certainly

Opposite/Antonyms of Significantly:

Sentence/Example of Significantly:

"There might be reasons for that," said Robert, significantly.

The woman shook her head, amused, "Not until," she told him significantly.

"If you only do Jenkins's, I'll do yours," replied Mr. Galloway, significantly.

"I can understand as they might be flash uns," he remarked, significantly.

"Jist th' same as th' other wan," he said gloomily and significantly.

The man in the fur coat accentuated the word "fear" significantly.

"The address given here begins with the number 1," he said, significantly.

“You certainly have not been idle,” she added, significantly.

“At least she will be happier away from here,” he said significantly.

"Telling it might do ME some good," he observed, significantly.