Signified [verb]

Definition of Signified:

mean, indicate

Synonyms of Signified:

Opposite/Antonyms of Signified:

Sentence/Example of Signified:

Their names often signified some quality of a horse; as Leucippus, a white horse, &c.

She told me, It signified nothing to talk: I knew the expectation of every one.

What signified it whether you was married in a red or a yellow waistcoat?

Then, with a wave of his hand, he signified to the boys to run out and play games.

She signified her helplessness with a quick and dainty movement of her hands.

Casanova signified his refusal with an exaggerated but courtly gesture.

By the term beauty, then, properly are signified two things.

When she signified the desire to retire to her bedroom, they feigned not to understand.

Robbie signified his intention of doing just that and nothing else.

Then, as none responded, I signified my contempt for them by a laugh.