Signifies [verb]

Definition of Signifies:

mean, indicate

Synonyms of Signifies:

Opposite/Antonyms of Signifies:

Sentence/Example of Signifies:

This signifies more than the stilling of guns, easing the sorrow of war.

But when it is at the End, it signifies, that the Foot must remain up.

What signifies owning a fault without mending it, you'll say?

I shall not stay in them: so it signifies nothing to tell you how to direct to me hither.

The Hova term for polygamy is rafy, which signifies adversary.

And 'is,' or 'becomes,' signifies a participation of present time?

This name is aboriginal, and signifies "The place where things are made."

What signifies the blare of your brass, or the bilious bleating of your wood-wind!

It signifies an enormous number of things, from pot-hooks to trigonometry.

Not that it signifies now, you perceive, because you are here to the fore, and can set them right.