Signpost [noun]

Definition of Signpost:

document with information; symbol

Synonyms of Signpost:

Opposite/Antonyms of Signpost:


Sentence/Example of Signpost:

"As that is the case, you have no right to have that signpost at the end of the lane," I retorted.

The column marching on and passing a signpost, each unit read what it had to say.

A signpost told him that the dusty ribbon was the Nine-Mile road.

Michael nodded, saluting, so to speak, the signpost into the future as he passed it.

Surely he must presently come to some village, or some signpost.

I knew every signpost, every crossroad, every foot of the ground.

Twice he was suspended from the signpost, and twice cut down.

Once he stopped, and with the aid of a lamp from the car found a signpost.

Sorrow's crown of sorrow is, however, attained when a signpost is seen in the distance.

Presently he reached a signpost at the junction of four cross roads.