Signs [noun]

Definition of Signs:

indication, evidence

Opposite/Antonyms of Signs:

Sentence/Example of Signs:

They have seen the telegraph line, as can be seen by signs they make, but they cannot speak English.

They studied the heavens and named the twelve signs of the Zodiak.

And then, what are the signs of immorality that meet the eye?

We summon all our knowledge of the past and we scan all signs of the future.

And, since men have looked for signs since the beginning of time, he too asked for a sign.

Touching my leg, and using other signs, I addressed her again in the Indian language.

He stood looking about him to see if there were other signs of the pirates' presence.

I pointed into the bushes with signs of "Hurrah, it's Wahb."

For all the signs of life visible, Cairncross might have been uninhabited a twelve-month.

But was there no movement, no signs of any intention to advance to our relief?